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Since 1946 a unique feature ofBelreahim JSC are sales of low-tonnage chemicals of various qualification (pure, chemically pure, analytically pure, especially pure).

We offer a wide range ofadvanced-purification chemical products and raw materials for all industries, educational institutions, public health institutions, R&D institutes, agricultural enterprises, medium and small-sized businesses, individual entrepreneurs and service sector.

Our Company welcomes you for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in the above spheres. We are available to consider any proposals in respect to supplying chemical reagents, disposable materials for analytical and research laboratories and raw materials for industrial purposes.

We have available a long list of chemical reagents, reagents for the organic and inorganic syntheses, tracer materials (over 1000 brands of chemical reagents) in stock in Minsk.

Please contact us by phone/fax number: +375 17 353-44-45.